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Paul's Place Opened Feb. 8, 2023

To the joy of the City of Davis and those experiencing homelessness, a celebration of opening was held on February 8, 2023 at 1111 H St in Davis for Paul's Place. This project conceived in 2017 by Davis Opportunity Village and Davis Community Meals and Housing had become a reality. This four story, tiny house village addresses the needs of those experiencing homelessness - whatever there needs.

The Orange H stands for HOPE and for HOME. It is also the goal post for everyone served in this building. It suggests the journey to achieve one's life goals that motivate the day to day journey of each individual.

An estimated 300 Davis residents and interested persons, many of them donors to the project, attended the ceremony. Appreciative speeches were given by prime funders from Sutter Davis and from Partnership Health, as well as from the executive director of Davis Community Meals and Housing (Bill Pride) which will run the facility, architect Maria Ogrydziak, Mayor Will Arnold, Supervisor Lucas Frerichs, businessman and campaign director Reed Youmans, and board chair of DCMH Jim Borchers. Borchers presented a symbolic key to the building presented to Bill Pride and the staff of DCMH's for Paul's Place.

News of the Celebration was on local and national networks as well as local papers

and resulted in a flurry of applications. However, the facility occupation still needed the City of Davis occupancy approvals which have now been obtained. Move in for the 18 permanent supportive housing units is projected in May, 2023

. The resource center and interim housing will open sooner..

Paul's Place was named for the father of the Executive Director Bill Pride. Paul Pride had served in the military and struggled when back in their home in Rhode Island. To Bill, his father represents the people who are served in Paul's Place.

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