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Paul's Place Unanimously Approved by Planning Commission

Updated: Apr 4

On May 13, 2020, the Planning Commission considered the project called Paul's Place which is a multi-function center to aid those experiencing homelessness. It is located at the site of an existing facility to serve the same population at 1111 H St, facing the tracks. The current site is crowded and

needs reconfiguring. Paul's Place will add 18 units of permanent supportive micro-housing.

The breadth of community support for the project was soon apparent from the fact that three commissioners recused themselves from the discussion and voting because they had contributed financially to the project. Then there were the 100+ letters received in support of the project versus a handful of negative comments.

The four remaining voting commissioners at the meeting considered the presentation by City Planner Eric Lee and the owner Bill Pride, Davis Community Meals and Housing's Executive Director. They responded to concerns raised by those few negative letters and live comments read during the meeting, but were not overly worried by the objections. .

Commissioner Steve Streeter noted that Davis Community Meals and Housing has had good rapport with the neighborhood in the 25-year history of its operation of the resource center and that there has been little disruption. One commissioner mentioned the testimonial letter of a case manager at 1111 H St was very moving for him and presented a compelling case for the need for Paul's Place.

This project has succeeded in raising community financial support of $5 million to construct the building. Contributors include Sutter Health matching funds of $2.5 million from their "Getting to Zero" campaign, Partnership Health $750,000 and donations large and small from the community to reach the $5 million.


Paul's Place is the product of two non-profits coming together with the City of Davis, local businesses and faith communities among others to create a project that will substantially increase the amount of affordable housing in Davis for those experiencing homelessness. It was the vision of Davis Opportunity Village to create tiny house villages for those experiencing homelessness and Davis Community Meals and Housing's need for an upgraded facility at 1111 H St that resulted in the creation of Paul's Place. It will replace the current buildings with a four-story vertical tiny house village that holds a resource and service center, emergency beds, transitional housing and micro-apartments.

First floor: The current resource center will be replaced with a redesigned facility that has more laundry, showers, and offices for case management as well as four emergency beds on the first floor.

Second floor: The transitional housing on the second floor will replace dormitory rooms to sleep 10 with separate individual bedrooms - a better design for people all recovering from the street and their adversities. The addition of a common kitchen and living room area make this its own transitional village.

Third and fourth floors: The top two floors hold nine micro-apartments each, with one per floor ADA accessible. Each floor is like a village, with the central corridor open to the outside and a gathering space. Besides the elevator for the upper floors there are outside staircases for the second, third and fourth floors.

Paul's Place at 1111 H St was unanimously recommended to City Council for approval by the Planning Commission in about an hour.

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